Over the past two weeks, Israel has been plagued by an outbreak of violence. Random attacks in the streets have claimed the lives of innocent Israelis. People walk out of their front doors plagued with fear. When individuals carry out evil acts in the name of the Palestinian people, their innocents suffer, too.

Here in Los Angeles, half a world away, our hearts break. We watch and ask ourselves why it has to be this way. Where is the justice? What does justice even look like? This week, when we pray for Israel during our Shabbat services — when we pray for peace — those prayers will speak to our core. Whether you join us for services, celebrate Shabbat at home, or are just able to find a moment of silent reflection, we invite you to say the Kavannah for Shabbat of Unity with the People of Israel, a beautiful reflection by Rabbi David Wolpe that will be read in communities across Los Angeles.

As a proud sponsor of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America's 2015-16 Westside Collaborative Lecture Series, “Justice and Righteousness: The Ethical Agenda of the Jewish People,” join Temple Emanuel on Sunday, October 25th for the first lecture in the series with renowned scholar Rabbi Donniel Hartman.* Hartman will help us wrestle with the questions that rise from the intersection of evil and justice, righteousness, and violence. Let our community provide us with comfort and support when the path to peace eludes us.

*As a sponsoring organization, all lectures are free for Temple Emanuel members; however, registration via the link above is still required.

How You Can Help

Express Unity Through Israel Bonds:


Find out ways that you can express unity through Israel Bonds by reinvesting mature Israel bonds, completing an outstanding Israel bond investment, and making a new or additional 2015 Israel bond investment.

To find out more information on how you can help support Israel through Isreal Bonds, click here.



 Women International Zionist Organization (WIZO) "We Knead You" Shabbos Project:

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All donations will go directly to secure 700 daycare centers in Israel.
WIZO is an organization that was established 95 years ago to benefit the women and children in Israel. Today WIZO has numerous daycare centers, youth villages, and shelters for battered women and many other projects all over Israel.

To find out more information about the WIZO Challah Baking event, click here.