What happened in Paris this past Shabbat shook us all. We have tended to the wounds of the injured. We are starting to bury the dead. Our shock is giving way to mourning, and, in the coming weeks, our mourning will be channeled into rebuilding. We will respond to an act of barbarism with aid and resilience because our sages teach us, “in a place where there is no humanity, be a mensch.”

As Jews, when our ancient city of Jerusalem was laid waste and we returned to the rubble to rebuild, we did not despair because our leaders were blessed with the help of others. “All of their neighbors supported them... with goods and livestock, with precious objects” — (Ezra 1:6). The contributions for rebuilding may have been physical; yet, the statement of support behind them was wholly spiritual. Those gifts were a sign to tell us, “You are not alone.”

In the days to come we will be called upon do the same for our French sisters and brothers. We will help rebuild their city and their faith in humanity.

For now, we extend our statements of support and solidarity.

Click here for a statement of solidarity by the North American Reform Jewish Movement.