Giving Tuesday Major Fund

A unique alliance of Jews and Muslims, The MAJOR Fund bridges communities together toward a positive, common cause. The MAJOR Fund is a partnership and alliance of Jews and Muslims; a close collaborative relationship of people from different faith backgrounds. Their two-fold mission is to increase a sense of community locally and share that community through our global humanitarian projects that assist people in need — regardless of their faith — in the critical areas of cleanwater, education, and healthcare.


"I feel so good about the work The MAJOR Fund is making possible because we see the incredible change and hope that occurs from programs we fund with very small investments. We’ve transformed the lives in one village by installing a $50 water filter and rain barrel on the roof of a school. Now, the small girls don’t have to lug heavy water jugs on their heads or brave the often dangerous walk from the river back to their village. All the children can get clean, plentiful water from the system we created on their school’s rooftop. I love working with my Temple Emanuel friends, Gary Yale and Alissa Roston, and our Muslim partners at The MAJOR Fund.”   

- Diane Vanette (Temple Emanuel Member & Community Engagement & Social Justice Program Volunteer)

"As a member of THE MAJOR Fund I could not be prouder of being a part of an effort to bring together the Muslim and Jewish communities in Los Angeles and jointly help thousands of people in need throughout the world."

- Gary Yale (Temple Emanuel Member & Community Engagement & Social Justice Program Volunteer)