In Jewish tradition, our morning prayer begins with a series of blessings known as “nisim b’chol yom” — miracles that happen every day. These blessings cover the simple acts that we often take for granted — opening our eyes, the fact that our consciousness returns to us each morning, our ability to get out of bed. On those mornings when the alarm wakes us too early and we trudge off to work, it is easy to lose sight of the beauty of existence.

Thanksgiving offers a moment in our secular calendar to get back in touch with a disposition of gratitude that our tradition invites us to indulge every day. If you would like a Jewish framing of your Thanksgiving meal — we encourage you to take from the Reform Movement’s Thanksgiving Seder.

During Thanksgiving, and always, we are grateful for our temple family and community, and from all of us at Temple Emanuel, we wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday.