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The month of Elul is a time for personal reflection and preparation for the new year. We are offering a range of classes throughout the month of Elul to help you prepare for moments of deep prayer and the contemplation. This process of thought and introspection will serve as a warm up to strive towards better things in ourselves and in our community.  

The classes this year are as follows:


August 31 - Preparing for Prayer with Cantor Lizzie Weiss (7:00 pm, Davidson-Sheffer Hall)

Why do you sometimes feel moved and other times feel disinterested in prayer? Help prepare yourself for the marathon prayer experience of the High Holy Days as we explore Abraham Joshua Heschel's, "The Vocation of the Cantor." See if you agree with Heschel's take on the mind of the Cantor.

September 7 - In a Place Where No One is Acting Human, Strive to Be Human with Rabbi Jonathan Aaron (7:00 pm, Davidson-Sheffer Hall)

Delve into this year's theme and find the richness and depth of the Hillel text. Make your High Holy Day experience more significant by uncovering a direction for yourself this year through our theme. 

September 14 - The Shared Theology of Wonder Woman and Kol Nidre with Rabbi Sarah Bassin (7:00 pm, Davidson-Sheffer Hall) 

Superhero movies often wrestle with questions about the soul of humanity. Are we good? Are we evil? How the superheroes understand human nature informs how they choose to exercise their vision of justice in the world. Wonder Woman’s outlook on humanity shares the same assumptions as our core prayers on Kol Nidre. Come learn where the wisdom of Judaism meets the morality of comic book heroes.