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Hishtadeyl: Strive/השתדל
High Holy Days 2017/5778


“In a place where no one is acting human, strive to be human.” Pirkei Avot 2.1

This year’s High Holy Days theme comes from the great sage Hillel, who instructs us in Pike Avot 2.5: "In a place where no one is acting human, strive to be human." Striving to be human can inform much of our behavior in the world, from social issues, interpersonal conduct, to spiritual integrity. In the coming year, we will explore the ways we can shine in the darkness, ways we can live more humanely, and ways we can stand up to those who wish to destroy. 


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High Holy Day Essentials  

This page is your complete source of information for the 2017/5778 High Holy Day season. Please use this page as a reference throughout High Holy Day services and/or to purchase any additional items (guest tickets, parking permits, etc.). Members in good-standing will receive Member tickets with the initial High Holy Day information packet. If you would like to make your membership contribution please do so by clicking here, and we will send you your High Holy Day tickets. Orders received on, or after, Monday, September 11, will not be mailed out, but will instead be held at will-call. 

"All Services" Ticket

Each member will receive one “All Services” Ticket for the entire High Holy Day Season, which will allow members to attend any of the services. The “All Services” Ticket will not be collected at the door — so, please keep it with you at all times. 

Guest Tickets  

"Single Service” guest tickets may be purchased by members and are $100 for each individual service. “All Services” Guest tickets are available at a discounted price of $250 when purchased by a member on, or before, Friday, September 8, 2017, at 6:00 pm. Afterward, the cost of a Guest ticket is $350. Guest tickets can be ordered by members only by clicking here.

Non-Member Tickets

We welcome non-members to join our High Holy Day Services. “Single Service” tickets are priced at $175 per person for one service or $550 per person for an “All Services” ticket which provides entry into all services. This cost can be applied toward membership after the High Holy Days. Please be aware that worship spaces will be cleared after each service — a “Single Service” ticket for an individual service will not cover consecutive services. For Non-Member tickets, please click here

Book of Memory 

The Book of Memory will be used at every Yizkor Service throughout the year. To honor your loved ones who have passed away, you may list their names in the book by completing the order form that was sent to your home. The deadline for Book of Memory entries is Friday, September 8, 2017. If you would like us to repeat your listing from last year, indicate so on the form we sent to your home. You can also use the form to make a contribution in your loved ones’ honor. If you prefer to provide this information online, click here.


Reserved Parking permits are available to members for $150 per vehicle for all High Holy Day Services and are complimentary for Pillar Members. The Temple’s reserved parking garage is located at the corner of Burton Way and Herzl Way. Once the parking garage reaches capacity, additional reserved parking will be available at 250 N. Robertson Boulevard, one-and-a-half blocks from the Temple. The Temple thanks the Kobor family for making this additional parking available to the Congregation.

Prayer Books

Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills will be using the Reform Movement’s machzor(prayer book) — Mishkan HaNefesh (Sanctuary of the Soul) for the 2017 High Holy Days. As part of our commitment to Living Judaism, we have enough machzorim for every congregant to use here at Temple Emanuel during the High Holy Days. We also encourage you to take this opportunity to join our many congregants who have donated a bookplate for our machzorim in honor of family members, friends, or Temple Emanuel Clergy by clicking here. 

College Student/Young-Adult Outreach Program

Temple Emanuel sends holiday packages for Rosh Hashanah and other Jewish holidays to our college-student and young-adult members throughout the year. To help support this worthwhile effort, please fill out the appropriate sections in the information packet sent to your homes.  

Pillar Members

We are so very grateful to those members who have become Pillars of our Temple! Their significant donations, in addition to their annual membership contributions, enable Temple Emanuel to provide the innovative, cutting-edge programs for which we are known nationally. In appreciation, Pillar Members receive complimentary reserved parking and a Pillar Card granting early entry to all services taking place in the Corwin Family Sanctuary. Early entry is provided through the Clergy Office beginning 30 minutes before the start of services until five minutes prior when doors will be closed. For more information about our Pillar Program, please click here

High Holy Day Seating Practices 

Greeters will be present at all service entrances to welcome you and show you to your seats. To ensure there will be sufficient seats at every service, you will be asked to fill in all empty seats before new rows are made available. Thank you in advance for cooperating with our volunteer Greeters.

• Each person in attendance may only save one seat.

• Seats cannot be saved from one service to the next.

High Holy Day Food & Diaper Drive 

We encourage you to bring a bag of non-perishable food items and/or a package of diapers during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Grocery Bags will be available at all services during the High Holy Days. Food will be donated to a local food bank, while diapers will be donated to Tiyya, an organization that serves and supports refugees. 

Livesteaming Services 

All services in the Corwin Family Sanctuary will be livestreamed for members and guests who are unable to attend. Please visit tebh.org/Livestream to tune into our High Holy Day services and sermons.

Contact Us
For questions and assistance, please contact us at 310.288.3737, or at HHD@tebh.org.