Jewish World Watch (JWW) is a hands-on leader in the fight against genocide and mass atrocities, engaging individuals and communities to take local actions that produce powerful global results. JWW has proven that together we — each of us in our community who stands up, takes notice, and refuses to remain silent — can create monumental and permanent change, and dramatically change lives and build a better future for genocide survivors. Your donation helps shelter a child, provide a woman with the means to support her family, or give a man the tools to change how his society treats women. 


“All of us from Temple Emanuel who are involved with Jewish World Watch (JWW) — Marcia Finkelstein, Judith Kandel, and Sheila Wasserman — feel strongly about the work we do. I feel passionate about my work with JWW because their programs are important, life-saving programs like the Chambucha Rape and Crisis Center in Congo which provides medical care to 22,000 women and Sons of Congo a mentorship program for men that is aimed at creating a social change movement for the protection of women in Congo."

- Veronica Abney (Temple Emanuel Member & Community Engagement & Social Justice Program Volunteer)


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