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The mission of the Prison University Project is to provide excellent higher education to people incarcerated at California's San Quentin State Prison and to stimulate meaningful public dialogue about higher education access and criminal justice in California and across the United States.

All instructors are volunteers – most are faculty or graduate students from local  college and universities. The Project depends on the generosity of individual donors and foundations; it receives no state or federal funding.


"We got started with the Prison University Project after hearing stories from our son Seth, who taught men incarcerated at San Quentin.   As these men will tell you, a college degree helps them not only to leave prison behind for good, but to make a positive difference to our shared community.

 With millions of Americans in prison, every one we can educate to freedom is a blessing for all of us. There's no government funds for these programs-- our tsedakah makes all the difference."   - Hope Stevens and Peter Siegel







One LA-IAF is a network of diverse religious and non-profit institutions across LA County committed to strengthening our communities and bringing about a more just society. One of the ways we are acting together, reforming the Criminal Justice System, is to "Break the Barriers to Employment" for former felons. One LA helps people convicted of petty, non-violent crimes get their records expunged or reclassified, and helps them re-enter civic and economic life. One LA engages in voter education and has helped bring health care to over 146,000 residents of LA County."


“The work that I do with my One LA partners is unlike any other. Every event and meeting brings together people of all socio-economic, racial, and religious groups to work together for a better city. The work takes time and patience but I am always uplifted.”  - Diane Vanette

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