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pillar kaye Michelle and Alan Kaye

 Temple Emanuel has always been in our lives. As a child, my family were members of Temple Emanuel, attending religious school, celebrating my brother’s Bar Mitzvah as well as my sister and I completing the Confirmation program. When we were married by Rabbi Heller, we decided to continue on at Temple Emanuel. We have celebrated simchas, as both our daughters, Gillian and Danielle, had their B'not Mitzvah at the temple. We have also had some challenging times when we turned to the temple clergy for much needed support and they were completely there for us. Rabbi Geller, Rabbi Aaron and Cantor Kliger have created a warm, embracing environment where everyone feels special and at home. We are Pillar Members because we feel that every investment in our home and family pays dividends beyond satisfaction. We are proud to be part of the Temple Emanuel community.

pillar kayschwartz Lisa Kay and Mark Schwartz

 "Each of us grew up at Temple Emanuel where both of our families have been members for over fifty years. Both of our fathers served on the board of directors. Lisa was confi rmed, and Kirstie and Kyle had their B’nai Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel. Mark and his brother Bobby both had their Bar Mitzvah, and their mother Suzanne was in the Adult Bat Mitzvah program. Through the range of lifecycle events—from simchas to sorrow—Temple Emanuel’s clergy has been a source of inspiration and joy, support and comfort. Because Temple Emanuel has been so generous to our family and friends, we feel privileged to make it one of our most important charitable activities."

-- Lisa and Mark Schwartz

pillar fischer Bunni and Murray Fischer

 "We feel it is extremely important to support Temple Emanuel’s Pillar Program because Temple Emanuel has been a intregral part of our religious and spiritual experiences for over 60 years. This started with experiences in our early youth, has continued all the way through many life cycles, and now extends to both our son and daughter, who also experience the joys of Temple Emanuel. And we are delighted that our grandkids have begun their involvement with Temple Emanuel, through the preschool and the Gesher program. The Temple has been here for our family and we are pleased to be able to be here for Temple Emanuel."

-Bunni & Murray Fischer


pillar mills  Anne and Harold Mills

Anne and Dr. Harold Mills are proud Pillar members of Temple Emanuel, which has been their spiritual home since 1964.  When asked why they choose to support Temple and the Pillar program they recounted their history with Temple, which continues to this day through their daughter Linda. 

Dr. Harold and Mrs. Anne Mills joined Temple Emanuel in 1964 and have been members continuously since then.  Both of their daughters, Adele and Linda, were confirmed and Linda became Bat Mitzvah at the Temple Emanuel.  The Mills, who have just celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary, and are blessed with two wonderful son-in-laws and two beautiful grandchildren.  Harold retired from his medical practice in 1990 but continued to be active as a volunteer Physician until 1997.  Anne has been an active member of Los Angeles chapters of Hadassah for 50 years; Harold was co-chair of the United Jewish Medical Division for 20 years and recipient of the Maimonides award.

Linda produced a documentary film relating the story of how Anne and her family were able to escape the Nazi rule in Vienna. This film was awarded 2nd place in the 2010 Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival as well as in the Jerusalem Film Festival and has been shown at multiple locations around the world.


pillar pollet  Alys Pollet

"When my late husband Gus and I were raising our young children, we were looking for a synagogue to join. It was important to us that our children begin their Jewish education, but we were not in a position to afford membership dues. With gratitude we accepted dues assistance, and I pledged to myself that when we were able, we would give back to Temple Emanuel. I am pleased to be a member of Temple Emanuel for 54 years. I am proud of the legacy my husband left in starting the Minyan. And I am very grateful to be able to support Temple Emanuel as a Pillar Member."


pillar kassorla  Jackie Kassorla

"Temple Emanuel feels like home. It is part of my community. It is where my mother, who was in the temple's second pillar kassorla 2confirmation class, started her Jewish education, and it is where my son will become Bar Mitzvah. My father's yahrzeit light is in the Corwin Family Sanctuary, and throughout my life, significant religious experiences have been with Temple Emanuel clergy. I love giving back, through creating the edible garden program for the Temple schools and donating my services to landscape the front of the Steinbaum building. It is my pleasure to support Temple Emanuel as a Pillar member."