The Temple Emanuel Early Childhood Center offers an innovative, developmentally sensitive curriculum.  From the moment children enter the Early Childhood Center in the morning until day’s end, opportunities to develop positive self-esteem are fostered and creativity is continually encouraged We value the children’s uniqueness, culture, race, family structure and religion. We find innovative ways to help each child develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.  Our program demands a staff that truly understands growth and development principles, individual differences, and the need to provide all children with time, space and love.  Our program is based on the varied needs and interests of children.   While we offer a wide variety of activities for all children to choose from, we also constantly design activities centered around specific interests.

               Our professional staff is committed to the philosophy that the process, not the product of activities, is the key focus.  While children frequently leave our school with wonderful treasures they have created, our staff help them share with their parents the process that took place.  The teacher might ask the child how they decided to select the colors they used or what were the easiest and hardest parts of the project.  We consider play the real work of childhood.  Play is a primary source for understanding oneself, others, and the environment.  Through our integrated curriculum approach, children learn about science, art, math, dance, language arts, social science, music, play stories and water play.  The children also get an introduction to the world of games and problem solving through computers.  Purposeful learning comes about as a result of organized activities around child-directed play.

               Even though our school has many adults working with the children, we provide countless opportunities for children to take charge of themselves.  Daily routines offer children the chance to develop autonomy, feel empowered, and consequently, heighten their feelings of positive self-esteem.  For example, they “learn to listen” to their own bodies’ warnings about when to go to the bathroom or when they are tired or hungry.  When minor bumps or scrapes occur, they ask for an ice pack.

               Our goal is to provide each child with an environment set up to stimulate curiosity which in turn will stimulate learning and imagination. At the ECC, your child will experience growth and learning in a variety of realms including social-emotional, self-help, physical and motor, lingual, and cognitive development.

               The key to our success is communication between parents, your child’s teacher and the administration.  Our program knows the importance of this communication and advocates for family involvement.   Additionally, our families feel supported and nurtured in their child rearing efforts and know they can use the ECC as a backbone of support when making decisions for their children.

               The Early Childhood Center’s program of Jewish education is integrated and offered at the child’s level. Our curriculum includes all the essential Jewish holidays and festivities, such as Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah, Tu B’Shevat, Purim, Passover, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Lag Ba’Omer and Shavuot. Child’s play, stories, songs, music, art and other activities foster and reflect basic knowledge of our Jewish heritage.

               Welcome to Temple Emanuel’s Early Childhood Center where creativity is nurtured and encouraged, where structured activities are balanced with freedom to explore, where children are challenged and learn responsibilities and believe in themselves, where teachers love their profession and where learning is full of fun and exciting new adventures.

Stacy Kesner, M.A., Director

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Signature Shabbat Services
Tot Shabbat
First Friday of the Month
6:00PM, Belle Chapel
Songs, Stories, and Dancing

The Roven Family Shabbat Unplugged
First Friday of the Month
7:30 PM, Corwin Family Sanctuary
Acoustic service in the round

Shabbat Spark
Third Friday of the Month
6:30 PM, Corwin Family Sanctuary
Live rock band, Virtual prayer book

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