Amplify Our Sound

Help AMPLIFY our community’s musical programming by supporting the uplifting and powerful voices of our congregants, and the inspiring heartfelt music which Cantor Weiss brings into our lives.

Give in honor of your favorite Soul Singer, Intergenerational Choir member, Cantor Weiss, or in memory of a loved one. With your generosity, together we can make this temple the most incredibly SOULFUL and EXPRESSIVE space in Los Angeles. Share your appreciation of our musical life by donating to any of the musical endeavors listed below.

Donate Now

What We Need

Partner with us by contributing to one or more of these musical necessities:

  • Shabbat Musicians (Shabbat Services, Concerts, B’nai Mitzvah)
  • Musical Artist Series (Highlighting today’s newest and most talented Jewish voices)
  • Junior Cantors, Intergenerational Choir, Soul
  • Singers (Sheet music, rehearsal accompanist, concert costs)
  • Instrument Upkeep (Steinways, Clavinovas)
  • TEBH Musical Library (Jewish music collections & compendiums, choir binders, copies of music)
  • Instruments for Children (Guitars for song leading, drums, percussions)
  • Sound System Upgrades (For Corwin Family Sanctuary)
  • Live Stream System (Year-round broadcasting of our services via the Internet)

What You Get

Your donation is highly appreciated. As a token of our gratitude, donations at the amounts listed below receive the following perks:

  • $36 FAN: Name plate in TEBH Music Library Book.
  • $100 GROUPIE: Cantor Weiss’ voice on your outgoing cell phone answering machine.
  • $500 DEVOTEE: Recording of Cantor Weiss singing a song of your choice or personalizing a song as a gift for someone or alternate choice of perks listed above.
  • $1,000 SHOWRUNNER: Private prayers/song/ritual melody lesson (Shabbat, aliyah, shma, etc.) or alternate choice of perks above.
  • $5,000 BACKSTAGE PASS: Private sing-a-long with a group of members & members’ friends or alternate choice of perks above.
  • $18,000 MUSIC AMBASSADOR: Private concert for you and your friends or alternate choice of perks above.
  • $36,000 PRODUCER: Online and print credit for LIVE STREAMING of all musical events and alternate choice of perks above.
  • $180,000 EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Special “meet and greet” dinner with Clergy and Musical Series Artist. Private Producer Oneg before the service or concert. Reserved seats at Musical Artist Series events or alternate choice of perks above. 
  • $360,000 EXECUTIVE PRODUCER MUSIC SERIES: Series will carry donor’s name. Sponsor will be able to host a salon musical eventing at a location of their choice with Rabbi Jonathan Aaron and Cantor Lizzie Weiss. Sponsor will also receive all benefits listed above.

A Round Of Applause For Cantor Weiss’ Contributions

  • Developed 2015/16 and 2016/17 Music Series
  • Founded Soul Singers
  • Planned 2015 Hanukkah Bash with acapela group 613
  • Produced Songs of Peace Benefit Concert
  • Created B’nai Mitzvah Revolution Programming and New Committee
  • Re-imagined of Pastoral Care at TEBH (including New Emanuel Carers)
  • Sang and Produced High Holy Days 2015-2016
  • Integrated existing Intergenerational Choir into Yearly Services and Concerts
  • Created New B’nai Mitzvah Bootcamp Curriculum
  • Originated Teen Election Summit
  • Traveled with Teen Civic Leadership Counsel to Washington D.C for L’taken
  • Participated in ACC (American Conference of Cantors)  National Conference (Concert Participant)
  • Planned  URJ Newman/Six Points and NFTY benefit (January 2017)
  • Officiated at Funerals, Weddings, B’nai Mitzvah, Baby Namings

A Thank You From Cantor Weiss

As cantor of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, I live the most meaningful life I can imagine – a life dedicated to helping others connect to their spirituality through music and torah. There is no other career where I could use my heart, soul, body, and mind so fully. I am privileged to walk alongside people through the most joyful and painful moments of life – weddings and funerals, baby dedications and illnesses – and bring them solace and joy through song and sound. As your cantor, I am able to help people make sense of traditional texts and song, and to both pass on tradition and invent new meaning through music.  Thank you for partnering with me to enrich our musical experience.

Thank You From Us

We believe in the power of love and community, and we are deeply grateful for any amount you are able to contribute to help us reach our goals. Thank you for helping us sing the world alive!

*For information on ways to contribute, please click here or contact Ellis Kirschenbaum at 310.409.4646, or at Ellis@tebh.org