youth group


TEMTY (Temple Emanuel Temple Youth) is Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hill’s extraordinary youth group for 8th – 12th graders. In addition to meeting once a month for Teen Programming, TEMTY comes together for events throughout the year that range from laser tag to Santa Monica Scavenger Hunts, and even temple lock ins (really fun sleepovers).

Our teenage members of TEMTY are also dedicated to working with the community in any way they can. We know how important our Jewish teens identities are what connects them all, our teenage members participate in Shabbat dinners, celebrate other Jewish holidays with their peers and the community that are special to Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills’ community.

Contact our TEMTY Youth Director at Aaron@tebh.org for more information.


The 2020/2021 TEMTY Board Members Are:

David Shapiro TEMTY President

Ethan Stone  Vice President of Programming 

Ella Nelson Vice President of Membership and Communications

Sam Wolf Vice President of Religion, Culture & Social Action 

Lana Marks Vice President of Finances and Fundraising