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Our community creates a lasting imprint ­on your heart, spirit, and mind through music that resonates, wisdom that inspires, and community initiatives sparked by the many different voices in our congregation.

We aspire to be a Mezuzah on the many doors that open to a more meaningful Jewish life. We encourage you to explore your own Jewish path within the embrace of our nurturing, inclusive, intergenerational community.

Visit us and let your spirit be uplifted by our friendly and supportive temple family!

  • Joining Temple Emanuel has been one of the best things I have done for my family. I could've never imagined in my wildest dreams the degree and the multitude of ways that joining this temple has enriched our lives. We are a secular family and when we joined the temple my kids had very little jewish education. They never felt like an outsider, and in fact, the staff, educators, directors and rabbis made sure that they felt safe, welcome, and appreciated in every possible way.

    — Ladan S.

  • We are so proud of Mia! Her ability to lead the service, read Hebrew, deliver her speech and compose herself so maturely was very impressive! 
    She couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help at Temple Emanuel!

    — Lori Fienberg (on her daughter's Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel)

  • Without Hebrew Club at Temple Emanuel, Phillip would not have been ready for his special day. When Phillip remembers becoming a Bar Mitzvah, he will remember much more than his party.

    — Jennifer Turkat

  • Our friends and family are still raving about the fantastic, warm, spiritual and lively service TEBH puts on!

    — Adam Stoll (on the occasion of his daughter's Bat Mitzvah)

  • As members of Temple Emanuel for more than forty years we, our children and grandchildren, always feel a very special comfort level in the services.

    — Abby Levy

  • We came to your services and absolutely loved them! Your temple was so warm and welcoming, we felt a community so far from home.

    — Laura W. from New York

  • Temple Emanuel is a living, breathing, physical tabernacle that brings me to my community and my community to me, all in the presence of God.

    — Farhad Novian

  • Temple Emanuel is my comfort zone. It’s my safe place. It gives me that emotional lift that is needed at times.

    — Judie Fenton

  • Temple Emanuel has provided our family a warm and inviting home. it is the place we come to pray, play softball, lose at poker, and learn at religious school.

    — Jeff Wolf

  • I was looking for my Jewish community in Los Angeles and I found it in Temple Emanuel.

    — Scott Stone