Who We Are

We believe in the power of connection, a devotion to community, and a renewed commitment to our Jewish identity. It is from this place – grounded in Jewish values – that we create meaning and make change.

B’nai mitzvah ceremonies become personally relevant introductions to Jewish life. Weddings celebrate the incredible potential that new families bring to our community. Tikkun Olam efforts change individual lives, shift social mores, and strengthen communities. At Temple Emanuel, Shabbat is a sacred shared space where you can nourish your mind and soul.

Everyone is welcome to pray, celebrate, learn, and embrace Jewish rituals. Come and actively participate in our community of Living Judaism.

  • Temple Emanuel is a living, breathing, physical tabernacle that brings me to my community and my community to me, all in the presence of God.

    — Farhad Novian

  • Each of our families have been active members of the Temple Emanuel community for over 50 years. It has been our spiritual home for four generations. The clergy have been integral to all of our lives from Rabbis Zeldin, Shapiro, Heller, Geller, Aaron, and Bassin to Cantors Krawll, Cohn, Kliger, and Weiss.

    — Lisa and Mark Schwartz

  • Temple Emanuel is my comfort zone. It’s my safe place. It gives me that emotional lift that is needed at times.

    — Judie Fenton

  • Temple Emanuel has provided our family a warm and inviting home. it is the place we come to pray, play softball, lose at poker, and learn at religious school.

    — Jeff Wolf

  • I was looking for my Jewish community in Los Angeles and I found it in Temple Emanuel.

    — Scott Stone