Tune In Torah

How do you “tune in” to the Torah portion of this week? How do you learn more about Torah? How do you engage in safe, encouraging conversations that allow you to explore and question all that Torah offers?

You begin here. In “Tune In Torah,” our new, interactive sacred space we’ve created specially for you.

If you have questions about Torah, are eager to participate in conversations surrounding its teachings, or want to listen to interpretations of Torah, join our weekly “Tune In Torah” conversation led by Rabbi Jonathan Aaron. 

Each week, you will be encouraged to bring forth commentary and interpretations of the weekly Torah portion. You will ask questions, get answers, converse with Rabbi Aaron and your peers about what comes up for you as you navigate the Torah.

Unlike our Saturday morning Text Study which is more directed and structured, “Tune In Torah” welcomes you to lead the conversation based on your own Torah inquiries.

Join our conversation if you:

  • have not necessarily been studying Torah but want to begin
  • have been studying Torah and are looking for a group of peers to discuss it
  • are curious how Torah can guide you in your decision making


Our purpose with “Tune In Torah” is that you feel:

  • connected with your peers
  • uplifted in your faith
  • grounded in your decisions
  • and embraced in community

…so that you may move forward in life with clarity and conviction, and with a renewed commitment to your Spiritual evolution and growth. 

Join us every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. PST via ZOOM. Please email [email protected] to receive the link.