Jewish Minds

Creating Meaningful Experiences

Our youngest learn by doing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, and seeing things that are interesting to them. We create experiences, infused with Jewish content, that combine music making, story time, and messy fun projects that tickle your tots and spark their imagination. Our Family Center provides a space for both you and your children to make friends and have meaningful experiences.

Read all about the wonderful programs we offer parents and their little ones.

Emanuel Tots

Looking for a great experience for your little ones? Emanuel Tots is designed for parents with small children.

We currently offer several Shabbat experiences for families where we help engage your young child with the beauty and tradition of the week ending celebration. With Shabbat in the Park, Bim Bam Shabbat and Little Sparklers we give families with children the chance to sing, play, and come together and mingle.

Our Family Center Program

Attention: Due to COVID-19, almost all of our programming is remote, and the programs listed below are on hiatus until it is safe to host them. As such, we are currently adapting our family center programming to be virtual. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, etc. please email Karen Porper at

young explorers program

For children 14 months to 3 years

This program, for children ages 14 months and older, is designed to empower your toddler during the separation process as he/she develops independence and begins to explore and socialize in a safe, nurturing, and age-appropriate environment. The class offers a great opportunity for toddlers and families to play and prepare for preschool with confidence. Facilitated by Emily Glickman, M.A. MFT.

Class Details
90 minutes and meet Tuesdays 9:15 am to 10:45 am.
1-5 weekly sessions @$36/class;
6-10 weekly sessions @$30/class;
11 or more @ $27/class.


& ME

For children 4 months to 13 months

Come together with other parents/caregivers to explore developmental stages, family life issues, and any other questions you may have in a warm, safe, and supportive environment. The program offers developmentally appropriate activities in a sensory-rich environment. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get to know one another and our facilitator Emily.

Classes details
60 minutes and meet Tuesdays 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.
1-5 weekly sessions @$23/class;
6-10 weekly sessions @$18/class;
11 or more @ $15/class.

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