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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning at Temple Emanuel offers opportunities to our community to engage in a journey of continued learning and growth.

Our clergy, guest speakers, and classes are dedicated to helping you strengthen and explore your relationship to Judaism.

Featured Class: DERECH ERETZ – Building Society & Character

Rabbi Bassin will use the extraordinary material she learned from the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem to lead discussions about who we want to be and what we are responsible for in an era where the rules of civil society are breaking down.
The event takes place in a private home and therefor an RSVP is required. Please send your RSVP to

Due to the limited space in the private home, we kindly request an RSVP.



An 18-week exploration for individuals and couples interested in deepening their understanding of what Living Judaism means to them. Designed for those interested in conversion, as well as those who simply want to learn more about Jewish holidays, life cycle ceremonies, values, history, liturgy, and texts. Whether you are new to Judaism, interested in converting, a partner of a Jew (with no plans to convert) or a practicing Jew who wants to learn more, all are welcome to come and learn.

This class is offered in conjunction with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). $280 per couple. Members of URJ-affiliated congregations pay $200. Contact for more information.


The current session of this two-year program is already in full swing. If you are interested in learning Hebrew and connecting more deeply to prayer and the Torah, keep an eye out for enrollment in our Adult B’nai Mitzvah program in 2019.

For more information, contact Cantor Lizzie Weiss at 310.409.4642 or


Every year, we create and host classes and workshops that encompass our yearly Jewish-rooted theme. We are strong proponents of diversity in thought, and our themes embody the very essence of our community. From our Behrendt Conversation Series to our clergy-led classes, these opportunities provide space for speculation, reflection, and awareness. Learn, engage, and share your thoughts. Break out of your comfort zone with these intellectually stimulating classes!

For more information on how to get started, contact Rabbi Sarah Bassin at 310.409.4656 or

The Behrendt Conversation Series

The Behrendt Conversation Series models how to engage in difficult conversations by inviting speakers with different ideologies. This year we will apply these lessons to a single issue: the aftermath of the #MeToo movement. This movement has highlighted sexual violence and challenged assumptions about our behavior. We are assembling a learning group and task force of congregants to communicate concerns of women AND men. Apply to join at

For information on our next upcoming class or lecture series, please contact

Yoga &

Connect breath with movement as you progress through a series of yoga poses in an hour-long, mixed-level flow class. Explore your own edge, strengthen your body, expand your heart, and quiet your mind. Come for the exercise; return for the community. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel or a mat. No prior experience required. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or visit RSVP for time and location.



During the month of Elul, Jewish tradition provides several preparatory words, symbols, and actions leading up to the High Holy Days (the month of Tishrei). This month is considered a time when God is more accessible to the Jewish people, and a time for personal reflection and preparation for the new year.

Our Elul classes are preparation sessions intended to deepen our experience, and provide new ways of approaching the upcoming High Holy Days. We begin to wake up and do the work of Heshbon HaNefesh, accounting of the soul, leading us to be prepared for our repentance during the Days of Awe (the ten days between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur). Join the clergy as each tackles a significant topic we can reflect upon during this important time of year.

Revitalize your body and soul for an enlightening year of celebration, love and milestones. For information about upcoming classes, please contact


A connection to Judaism is intertwined with a connection to modern day Hebrew. At Temple Emanuel, we offer a number of Hebrew language classes for you to enjoy. Take a look at the classes we offer!

Modern Hebrew Beginner Level 1

This class is designed for people with no previous knowledge of Hebrew. Student will read modern Hebrew text, write in cursive, and engage in conversation in Hebrew while developing listening and speaking skills. Emphasis is on communicative skills as well as reading and listening comprehension.

Modern Hebrew Intermediate Level

This class is ideal for students who want to build on their basic skills and begin to develop fluency in language. Emphasis is on communicative skills, independent reading, and language analysis.


A connection to Judaism is intertwined with a connection to modern-day Hebrew. At Temple Emanuel, we offer a number of Hebrew language classes for you to enjoy. Take a look at the classes we offer!

Through the Eyes of Rashi

Engage in an ongoing discussion of the Torah text as seen through the eyes of scholars across generations, from Talmudic to modern times. Guided by respected teacher Dr. Chaim Plotzker, learn how the ancient texts and interpretations are relevant to our modern lives. All questions are welcome, and no previous experience is required. $120 for 12 sessions. Contact to register.

Clergy-Led Classes

Living Judaism just got a whole lot more fulfilling! Our classes bring Jewish wisdom through out the year in the temple or right into your living room.

Interested in having one of our clergy teach a class in your home?

Be in touch with the clergy of your choice to learn more about how to make it happen. Contact Rabbi Jonathan Aaron, Rabbi Sarah Bassin, or Cantor Lizzie Weiss for more information about our next Parlor Class!