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Temple Emanuel Membership Terms and Conditions
  1. Membership Commitment Philosophy: Temple Emanuel is an independent 501(c)3 not-for-profit religious organization. Since our beginning in 1938, Temple Emanuel has been a sacred and diverse community, and proud members of the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ.) The temple is not supported by any outside organization and as such our operational costs are paid for in three ways:
    1. Membership Commitment contribution
    2. Fees – such as ECC and Religious school tuition
    3. Fundraising – such as appeals, events, and donations

    Each of these income sources is vital. Members are responsible for the financial condition of the temple, including supporting the temple.

  2. Temple Emanuel’s fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30.
  3. Temple Emanuel offers financial consideration to families every year to ensure that temporary financial difficulties do not affect a members’ ability to remain a part of our community. A Membership Commitment reduction can be requested through a confidential form (also known as a “Special Arrangements” form.) Temple Emanuel does not deny membership to any member based on need. Please know that every application for special consideration will be reviewed on a confidential basis by the Executive Director and the Director of Membership. Temple Emanuel endeavors to make membership possible to all families, and ask those interested in a Membership Commitment reduction to complete the Special Arrangements form and explain their current situation. All members enjoy full membership privileges regardless of the dollar amount they contribute to income or expenses of the temple. The temple community is greatly enriched by having a diverse, inclusive congregation.
  4. Membership Payment Options:Temple members may choose to pay their membership commitment and other charges on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, unless otherwise arranged. Membership should be paid within the first 6 months of the year and can be done in three ways:
    1. Online via credit card
    2. Sending a check to 300 N Clark Drive, Beverly Hills 90211
    3. Contacting our accounting department to arrange ongoing credit card payments
  1. Membership Includes:
    • High Holy Day Ticket(s)
    • Clergy available for life cycle events (birth, illness, end of life)
    • Clergy connection to spiritual advisement
    • Access to educational opportunities/lifelong learning
    • Ability to enroll in temple ECC and Religious School (tuition required)
  2. Understanding your Membership Obligation:

• Subscription to all temple communications
• Preferred member rental rates for our premium venue spaces • Yahrzeit notification
• Cultural events

To be considered a member in good standing to receive High Holy Day tickets, 50% of Membership Commitment must be paid by a date set by the temple (in recent years this has taken place two weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah.)

Exceptions are made with two considerations—members who are on pre-set payment plans, and members who are on approved special arrangements.

Members having a life cycle event at Temple Emanuel must have their commitment paid in full 3 months prior to their event. If a payment plan had previously been established the temple reserves the right to request that Membership Commitments be paid in full.

For Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s 100% of Membership Commitment and fees must be paid 9 months prior to the date of the event, unless other payment schedule has been made in writing with the Executive Director.

For Religious School, all fees must be paid in full at the time of registration or, a valid credit card must be submitted with agreed upon equal payments.

  1. Communication: The temple will respect your privacy and will not sell your information. From time to time we will email, call and text to inform you of upcoming events, news, and messages from clergy. The use of texting may incur rates. To opt-out of receiving text messages please email us at [email protected] can unsubscribe from emails with our email provider and resubscribe to our e-newsletter as you see fit by visiting our website.
  2. Permission to Use Likeness: For Adults: I hereby irrevocably grant Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills permission to use, in perpetuity, without compensation, my likeness in photographic or other form in any and all of its publications, and in any and all other media, whether now or hereafter existing, controlled, created, arranged, published, disseminated or utilized (collectively, “Published”) by Temple Emanuel or its licensees. I hereby release Temple Emanuel from any and all rights, claims, actions, causes of action, damages, and other liability whatsoever; including, without limitation, any right of privacy, right of publicity, or any intellectual property rights (collectively, “Claims”) that I may have or that may otherwise arise out of the use of my likeness.For Children: I hereby irrevocably grant Temple Emanuel permission to use, in perpetuity, without compensation, the likeness of
    my minor child(ren), identified in this application, in photographic or other form in any and all of its publications, and in any and all other media, whether now known or hereafter existing, Published by Temple Emanuel or its licensees. I hereby release Temple Emanuel from any and all Claims that they may have or that may otherwise arise out of the use of such likeness(es). I hereby represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of such child(ren) and have the full right and authority to act on their behalf and bind them.If you wish to exclude your child(ren), please be sure to submit a written letter listing their names to our Executive Director Sara Hiner at [email protected].
  3. Ending your membership: Once having applied for and received synagogue membership, membership and financial obligations continue until a written resignation is received by the synagogue. Resignations do not void monies owed for years prior to resignation. Acceptance of High Holy tickets obligates a member for the 50% of Membership Commitment. In the absence of a resignation prior to August 30 in any particular year, membership will automatically continue during that year and members will continue to be billed and be required to fulfill their obligations to the synagogue. This is true whether or not a member actually “uses” the synagogue during that time period. Members who have ended their membership will be unable to purchase tickets for and/or attend Temple Emanuel High Holy Days Services (for 2 years) as a guest or non-member. It is hoped that those who do not attend or “use” the synagogue on a regular basis, will still understand the value of synagogue membership and existence in order to preserve Jewish life, religion and culture.