Help us help those caught in the middle of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This new global refugee crisis that has displaced 650,000 people and counting.   Once again, Jews are among those fleeing home for safety.  And many Jews remain in Ukraine to fight for their country or because they are unable to leave.  We stand with Ukraine, take pride in the bravery of President Zelensky and reaffirm our commitment to stand with all innocents – non-Jew and Jew alike –  in the path of an immoral invasion.  

Below are organizations that need your help. 

This Israeli NGO is on the ground in neighboring Moldova, receiving and sheltering any and all refugees fleeing Ukraine in real-time.    

The refugee resettlement agency prepares for a new wave of refugees to enter the United States and will be seeking new people to create volunteer resettlement teams. In the meantime, HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield has provided this call to action for U.S. policy to help welcome and protect Ukrainians.  

Joint Distribution Committee
The JDC has the most robust existing infrastructure in Ukraine to support Jewish communities on the ground in Ukraine. They are mobilizing this network to respond to the crisis for Ukrainian Jews who remain in the country.  

Jewish Federation of Los Angeles
Our local federation is committed to supporting the Jewish community that remains in Ukraine, including 40,000 elderly and poor Jewish families with essential needs.  

Members of the Ukrainian and Russian communities in Los Angeles have mobilized to collect and ship needed items to refugees in Poland. The shipment is now full. Another list of items will be added soon.


Thank you for your generosity.