The Value of….Betterment

Jenny Kramer


It is hard to believe that I have already been part of the TEBH community for two months and already feel at home. Over the past two months, as numerous families have warmly welcomed me and shared about what makes TEBH such a special community, I have, in turn, shared about the values I hope to bring to TEBH and the Department of Education. In July, I wrote about my “ABCs” and underscored the value of authenticity. In honor of the upcoming High Holidays, I think it is only appropriate to write about the second value which motivates me every day, “betterment.”   

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Each year, when I reach this season of reflection, I ask myself, “How have I grown in the past year? How have I become a better version of myself?” Throughout my life I have asked myself these questions in all sorts of circumstances: starting a new school year, watching loved ones battle with illness, working for the Navy, and now starting a new journey with a new congregational family.    

The beauty of these questions is that they provide us an opportunity to always strive to be the best version of ourselves, no matter the circumstances life throws our way. I pray that this year, each of us is able to go on our own journey towards betterment, and I’m hoping to share my journey with you. So as you see me around TEBH, tell me about how you are working towards “authenticity and “betterment” and ask me about my last core value “C,” as we continue on this Jewish journey together.

– Rabbi Adam Lutz