Dear Rabbi: Last Week Someone Told Me I Wasn’t Jewish

Rabbi Jonathan Aaron

Dear Rabbi…                                Rabbi, my father is Jewish and my mother is Christian, I went to religious school, had a bat-mitzvah, and my whole life I’ve had Shabbat dinner at home with my family and friends on Friday nights. Last week someone told me I wasn’t Jewish, is that… Read more »


Dear Rabbi: I’m Finding Myself So Busy…

Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Dear Rabbi… I’m finding myself so busy, with work emails, to-do lists, meetings, and family time—I’m not making any time for any sort of meditation or re ection for myself. Is there any way to infuse a little spirituality so I can start my day on the right foot, without taking a ton of time? … Read more »


Prayer of the Month: Modim

Cantor Lizzie Weiss

When I was a student, a rabbi once asked my class, “What is the BEST prayer in the prayer book?” Fellow students yelled out:                                      “Shma!” “Kaddish!” “Shalom Rav!”                                                 After entertaining everyone’s ideas, he paused and said, “I’ll tell you what the most important prayer in the prayer book is!” We all leaned in anticipatin the… Read more »