Dani Tiernan Bat Mitzvah – May 15, 2021

Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

Hi, I am Dani Tiernan. I am 13 years old and currently attend the 7th grade at Beverly Vista. I enjoy watching TV and making edits on my phone with my sister Adrienne. I am very excited about my Bat Mitzvah service and am looking forward to doing my part for the Jewish community.

For my Bat Mitzvah project, I worked with NKLA on Animal Adoption. My classmates and I worked together to make treats and toys for the dogs at the shelter. It is rewarding to see the work pay off. 

I want to thank my parents (Jill and Ben Tiernan), Rabbi Aaron, Cantor Weiss and Allison Bluestein for helping me prepare for my Bat Mitzvah.

Like many things in my life I feel like my Bat Mitzvah is an obligation.  When it finally happens-no matter how arduous the process-I know it will be worth it because I will be a full member of my Jewish community and I can teach other people what I know. – Dani Tiernan