Henry Markowitz Bar Mitzvah-April 30, 2022

Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

My name is Henry Markowitz. I’m 13 years old and am in 7th grade at the Gifted Arts and Technology magnet at Thomas Starr King Middle School. In my spare time I enjoy writing, filmmaking, dancing, and jumping on my trampoline.

For my mitzvah project I am partnering with Blessings in a Backpack to provide school supplies and food to underprivileged students. I chose this project because I’ve seen a lot of kids who struggle to do well in class because they lack the necessary supplies. I want to help make sure that everyone has an equal chance at a good education, and that means providing essential tools to students who can’t afford them.

Thank you, friends and family, for joining me to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into preparing for this day, and I’m grateful that you are all here to help me celebrate the beginning of my independence as a Jew. I would like to especially thank my mom for working hard to make this a great ceremony, as well as all those who assisted her. I would alsolike to thank my two dads, Dustin and Hein, for contributing so much. Rabbi Lutz, Rabbi Aaron, Ms. Shelly, and Cantor Weiss have all helped me immensely in preparing my Hebrew and my speech. A very special thank you to Poppi (my Great Uncle Barry) for his enthusiasm about my Bar Mitzvah process, being the subject of my Hebrew school documentary, and picking out my beautiful Tallis. This day means a lot to me, as do each of you who are here with me today.