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Rabbi Sarah Bassin

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Our guest today is Rabbi Sarah Bassin. After Sarah’s performance—it was interesting in that she was joined on the stage with a gentleman who was referred to as Imam Abdullah Antepli, a Muslim chaplain at Duke University. And it was a fascinating discussion that they had with Krista about the whole notion of something that I know Sarah—and she’ll talk more extensively about it in the talk here today—but this notion of interfaith between Jews and Muslims. So, as I thought about that, I came to see Sarah, and not only congratulated her on the performance, but through our conversation, it struck me that she had something certainly to bring to Tell Me What to Say. So here we are today.

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“I think that this idea of self-talk is really important, and you have to tell yourself that a different outcome is possible. And my mantra for myself was just because that’s the way it has been, doesn’t mean that that’s the way that it has to be.”   – Rabbi Sarah Bassin

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