Kavanah for January 2018

Rabbi Jonathan Aaron

Kavanah January 2018


We count our lives by years

But we don’t live that way

We live for future moments

For deadlines, for parties, for anniversaries and travels

For raises, and for endings

For lovers, and for friends

We live in the past

Remembering or lamenting

Our projects, our parties, our anniversaries and travels

How long we haven’t had a raise, or why it was over

We long for our lovers and we miss our friends

If we lived by years

We wouldn’t be able to grasp everything

Too much time – Too much life

If we live only for future moments

We wouldn’t be able to grasp our now moments

Too much anticipation – Too much in front of us

If we live only through our past

Too much power given to it – Too much time spent on it

But to live our lives from week to week:

We can leave each week behind us

And we can look forward to the week ahead

We can yearn for the future

We can remember the past

But we don’t have to carry it much farther

That’s what Shabbat is for

To live our lives

With the meaning of yesterday

Informing tomorrow

And then next week

we visit our lives again

After only seven days

Where we have a new tomorrow

And today’s tomorrow

becomes yesterday                                      

                                – Rabbi Jonathan Aaron