Stephen Carmona Bar Mitzvah – January 25, 2020

Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

My name is Stephen Carmona. I am in the 7th grade and I go to Beverly Vista Middle School. My parents are Ellen and Wayne Carmona. I have four adult siblings, two brothers (Scott and Jesse) and two sisters (Kim and Lindsay). My oldest sister Kim lives in Atlanta and has two college-aged children of her own, Isaac and Kelsey, so I am their uncle! We also have two turtles, Harriet and Freddy. 

In school, my favorite subjects are science and band. I play three musical instruments, drums, bass guitar and trumpet. I like to read, do karate, play baseball, watch Netflix, and perform with my band.

I want to thank everyone who is generously helping me get ready for my Bar Mitzvah: Rabbi Bassin, Rabbi Lutz, Rabbi Aaron, Cantor Weiss, Shelly Kamara, Karen Porper and Elana Ackerman-Hirsch.

Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats.” – Unknown