The Genesis of a New Religious School Experience

Jenny Kramer

What will Judaism look like over the course of the twenty-first-century? How will your children practice Judaism when they become doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, and chefs? These questions are at the center of Genesis, Temple Emanuel’s newest educational program. Genesis brings new opportunities for Jewish children and teenagers to develop their Jewish identity through the practical arts and sciences. Genesis is a first-of-its-kind educational experience intended to foster students’ love of Judaism through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). STEAM education reflects an increased awareness of twenty-first-century skill sets which are increasingly interdisciplinary.

genesis religious school temple emanuel new exciting ground breaking jewish education

By exploring the ways that science and art disciplines interact, students learn how to innovate beyond the constraints of a single field of study. Similarly, Genesis aims to bring Jewish tradition to life in a twenty-first-century context by investigating the intersections of students’ Jewish identities with their practical, everyday educational and career interests.

This year, Cantor Lizzie Weiss and I are excited to pilot our music conservatory program (with additional arts and science programs coming in the future.) It is our goal that when your child graduates from our Religious School programs such as Genesis, they are prepared to live meaningful Jewish adult lives. However, we do not limit this preparation to religious matters. By infusing the study of Judaism with science and art fields, we equip our students with the tools they need to become successful modern-day Jewish adults in spiritual, academic, professional, and personal contexts. We hope that your children will join us on this journey of innovation.

As the new year 5779 starts, this groundbreaking opportunity will take flight. We are so excited to launch Genesis, and we look forward to having your children join us in this unique endeavor!

To learn more and enroll your child in this unique after-school program, please visit yourgenesis.org